ISO Full Form | What is ISO? | ISO Certification Full Form | Digital Msmd

ISO Full-Form | What is ISO? | ISO Certification Full-Form | ISO Long Form | Digital Msmd

ISO Full Form: In this article, we’ll know about ISO Full Form. ISO Full Form is “International Organization For Standardization“, and the ISO‘s work is to check the product of Companies. It is a type of Quality Standards Certification, which is given to a business, institution, or industries and more than 150 countries are members of ISO Certification (International Organization for Standardization). 

ISO Certification, It checks the company or organization, such as quality,  Product Quality, Customer Quality Solutions, and Management Systems, etc. after it is verified that this company or organization is running properly then ISO Certification are given. so let’s know more about ISO Certification.

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ISO Full Form

ISO Stand for Internation Standardization Organization. ISO It was founded on 23 February 1949 in Geneva, Switzerland.

ISO “International Standardization Organization”

ISO Certification is an independent organization that provides a standard for quality, safety, and efficiency of production and service produced by the company or businesses.
ISO Certification helps to improve business with its business credibility. The ISO Standardizes how businesses and organizations involved in the institution and industry manage information and processes. But ISO does not enforce rules for them.

What is ISO 9000 – ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9000 This is a class of quality management systems. Which was released by ISO in 1987. ISO 9000 is maintained by the International Standardization Organization and is managed by accreditation and certification authorities.
In these, rules are also changed as per requirement. And the ISO 9001 quality management system is the world’s best and popular quality improvement system, with more than 1 million certified organizations in nearly 180 countries.
Dear friends, earlier the company or institution was given this certificate by ISO 9001:2008, but now ISO 9001:2015 this certificate is awarded.

Benefits of ISO 

  • Is an Internationally Recognized Quality Standards Certificate.
  • With increasing competition among trade, it is important to provide high-quality products and services in order to sustain itself in the market. 
  • Save both money and time, this increase productivity at a lower cost.
  • Reduces barriers to your business, industry.
  • The standard ensures the consistent quality of the defined standards, reducing customer expectations associated with your product and services, and providing solutions to the customer.
  • ISO Certified that these company or management system are all involved in the manufacturing process, service documentation process.
  • Service goods increase market reliability.
  • Cleanliness increases customer confidence and attracts new customers.
  • Accuracy and growth in business.
  • Workplace improvement and employee enthusiasm.

Benefits of ISO Certification in Graphic

Types of ISO Certification 

  • ISO 9001 : 2008 = Quality Management
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 = Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 : 2015 = Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 22000 : 2005 = Food Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 27001 : 2013 = Information Security Management System etc.
  • ISO 20000-1 = IT Service Management Systems
  • ISO 50001 = Energy Management
  • ISO 29990 = Learning Services for Non-formal Education & Training
  • ISO 10012 = Measure Management System

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History of ISO 

ISO was established on 23 February 1947 and has its Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The first meeting of the ISO was held in London on 14 October 1946.
ISO is a Quality Standards Certificate awarded to a company, institution, business, or industry, and t has more than 155 country members.
ISO Certificate it is also very helpful for improving the business with its business credibility and removing defects.


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