What is SANDES APP (GIMS) | GIMS Full Form | Messaging Application

What is SANDES App (GIMS)? | GIMS Full From | Government Instant Messaging System 

SANDES APP is an Internet Messaging Application for IOS and Android users. It supports Voice and Data messages, like other modern internet messaging apps. The Sandes app is handled by The National Informatics Center (NIC). which comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

What is SANDES APP (GIMS) | GIMS Full Form | Messaging Application
What is Sandes App | GIMS Full-Form | Digital Msmd
SANDES APP has come at a time when WhatsApp users are Switchin to other Internet Messaging App.
If SANDES APP (Government Instant Messaging System) rollout for the public then it can be a good alternative for Indian WhatsApp Users who want to switch to any other Internet Messaging Application due to WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy guideline.
This morning conduct the crowd of the people is very difficult awe. Thus. the Central Government elected from the people’s vote is working over the security of people’s online data privacy. But many times. it many times happened they are landed up in a dilemma that government doesn’t know. therefore it becomes essential for the people, the government of India has landed with a messaging application. This is GIMS Massaging application. make a glance beneath to comprehend about it.

What is GIMS Full Form?

GIMS Stands for the Government Instant Messaging System

What is GIMS?

The SANDES, GIMS Full Form is Government Instant Messaging System. Read on and enrich your knowledge with this article. 
People need to transfuse for diverse causes. Many times this transmits for ordinary talks via social media app launched in the market. But when it comes to meaningful negotiations for the government organization, we fave many of the dilemmas. Therefore SANDES (GIMS) is developed to fulfill the flawless and instant transfuse in the government sections. SANDES (GIMS) is fundamentally a messaging application launched through the NIC.

Who Can Download & Use SANDES (GIMS) Messaging Application 

SANDES: Government Instant Messaging System (GIMSMessaging application is currently available for download only for Government Officers. according to the media reports, it will be soon available for everybody then any Indian person can download and use the SANDES (GISM) Messaging Application and take benefits of it. But currently it available for IOS or Android Users. So Indian Government Officer’s can Download SANDES (GIMS) Messaging Application is their own ISO and Android Smartphone and then can take benefits of SANDES (GIMS) Messaging Application.
  • It is a very accessible app that should be on the phone of a particular person.
  • One may find needful it any time.

How To Download SANDES App on Smartphones?

If you Download Government Instant Messaging System (GIMS) SANDES App on your Smartphone. It’s very simple to download anybody can download Sandes App easily on their own smartphone via following these steps which we have given below. For Download Sandes App in your smartphone follow these steps and you will be able to download it successfully on your smartphone. so let’s start download via following these steps.

Steps for Downloading SANDES (GIMS) Messaging Application.

  • First of all, You have to go on Google Search or you can use another web browser for your browsing 
  • Go To https://www.gims.gov.in/dash/dlink
  • You will get two option for download Sandes App
  • Choose your preferred link according to your Smartphone Operating System. 
  • If you are using Apple (IOS) Smartphone then go to IOS Download Link
  • If You are using Android Smartphones then go to Android Download Link
  • After Download Install Snades (GIMS) App in your Smartphone and enjoy the features of  Sandes (GIMS) App
Note:– We have made it easy for you can download Sandes app without going on gims.gov.in/dash/link 

How To Create Sandes GIMS Account?

After installing successfully of Sandes app you have to give all permissions to Sandes (GIMS) App then you will face one type of interface where two options are available the first one is Mobile and the second one is Email. Choose your preferred option which you want to use like a Mobile number or Email id. but we are going to instruct with a mobile number so please read the complete article then you will create an easily Sandes App Account Password.
  • First of all, click on Mobile
  • Enter Your Mobile Number 
  • Click On Get OTP (you will get an OTP from Sandes app)
  • Enter OTP number and Click on Next
  • Sandes app will ask you to choose your backup file but you haven’t any backup file because you are a new user and you are creating Sandes app account the first time. (So Just Click on Skip
  • Then click on Sync 
  • Click On Ok
  • Successfully you have created a Sandesh App Account

How to Operate the SANDES GIMS Application on your Smartphone?

  • First Download the application through the link mentioned above.
  • Sandes GIMS is fostered not only in the Android phone but also in apple phones and Web Browser also
  • People can enhance their screen when the Sandes GIMS app splash up.
  • After that, you can log in with the furnishing the registered phone number.
  • A Certified e-mail address will also work with substitution with a phone number
  • Enumerate with the verification code sent to your number, and then you are ready to use the Sandes GIMS App 
  • You can find the contact list of the persons who are afore using the Sandes GIMS App 
  • After you can opt to chat with the persons about the dilemma which you are facing 
  • Sandes GIMS App has generally used for managing the influential takes. 

Features of GIMS

  • Sandes GIMS app is loaded with all the essentials a person needs while transmitting through the messages
  • It is accessible to use up in all the digital devices.
  • Mainly to get the instant results for the dilemma related to the government can be solved out in Sandes GIMS App
  • One can make the observance of the chat with government officials
  • Therefore it becomes accessible to solve even during the pandemic situation in the world around.
  • People can also load up with multimedia documents, exchange files and PDF, etc
  • Sandes GIMS App is encompassing up with diverse languages
  • Therefore it becomes convenient to use the Sandes GIMS App for people all over india

What is there essentiality of the Sandes GIMS App?

There are several rationales due to which the essentiality of developing this application was lodged. Many of the dilemmas are faced with the people this morning. 
Therefore when they register their file in the government sections, it becomes too delayed when the spot is considered. Also many a time, these circumstances occur with the government contenders.
They can not transfuse through phone calls because of the line busy or network issues in diverse regions. 
Thus, this government applicant, as well as the standard population, can interpenetrate with each other. In the pandemic condition, transmits can not be through the various social media app throughout the world. Everyone doesn’t possess the phone number of each other.
Therefore the Sandes GIMS App is loaded up with the contact number of the highly posted government contenders. One can transfuse with them through the GIMS. Hence, due to solving an above-cited dilemma, it became essential to launch the Sandes GIMS App.

Is Sandes GIMS App is Secured?

Yes, it’s a totally secured Internet Instant messaging app managed by National Informatics Center (NIA). Which comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Sanded GIMS App is launched by the Government of India. that’s why we can use it without any hesitation of Privacy and Data threats.
The answer to this question is very accessible. As it is designed to transfuse for the influential government issues, it is secured to a high level. The chat which is made through Sandes GIMS App is the end to end encrypted and can not be shared with any other person. One needs a unique password, and even face identification is allowed to secure up.
Sandes GIMS App is secured to that level that you cannot even take screenshots of the chats. It is furnished with auto backup systems. therefore if you miss out on some files you can bring them back to your device’s internal storage.
Even you try to login into another phone, it will land you up with the excellent procedure. The contact numbers of the government officers who solve the dilemma of people are utterly secured. Even the hackers also can not defalcate of them.

Benifits of Sandes GIMS App 


  • Sandes GIMS App is a totally made-in-India app which is developed by the NIC (National Informatics Center, Government of India.
  • It provides end to end secured chate features to the users
  • User Can able to chat with their friend and family member 
  • There is no privacy and Data thread on Sandes GIMS App.
  • Sandes GIMS App could be operated efficiently along with diversification in languages.
  • It can use by any person who is the essentiality of this application for Instant Messaging app.
  • People can easily use Sandes GIMS App because it has a very easy to use User Interface.
  • It has lots of emojis


  • Sandes GIMS App is only available for Government Officers initially.
  • No idea about it will be available for public use or not


The Government is continuously working for the facility of the people. Therefore as wise citizens of India, we should also try to support them by using “Wocal For Local“. Our National Informatics Center (NIC) has developed an Instant MessagingSocial Media AppSandes GIMS App

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